Investor Relations

Our Obligations

AlphaVille Enterprises is committed to publishing quarterly and annual balance sheets with the company's results. Monthly communication of activations such as: acquisitions, property sales, participation in seminars, in-person auctions, virtual auctions, purchases made and operating expenses. Company report with marketing strategies, real estate market analysis and analysis and comparisons of planned vs. executed results and monthly report with evolution of assets of the group's companies.

Partners Obligations

The partner must notify the company 30 days in advance of its intention to redeem at the end of the contract. In cases where the partner wanted to anticipate the end of the contract before the deadline, the notice must be given 60 days in advance. The partner has the duty to participate in the semi-annual meeting at which the company's results and balance sheet and assets will be presented, in addition to presenting the semi-annual strategic planning and its necessary corrections.

You can increase the capital amount at any time, just inform the company 2 days in advance for contract adjustment purposes.