What we do

The main products are houses, multifamily, simple family, commercial properties, Mobile home, and Vacant Lots that we purchase form Tax Sales list form the Counties in the USA

Single Family houses and Multifamily houses

It is from the list or auction in the counties the properties that was FORFEITED.

Target market

Tax liens and Tax Sale Properties Houses (Single family, Multi family, Commercial property, Mobile Home, and Vacant lot and Builders Companies. We buy from the auction of County, list of Land Bank, Struck off list, Over the counter list, Repository list, Commissioner of lands of state. Our target market is the national general public like, young, adults, seniors, homeowners, married, divorced, Wholesales, Fix &Flip companies and real estate investors and Builders Companies.

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Retirement people
  • Players of Golf, Tennis
  • Wholesale proprieties
  • Flip and rehab investors
  • Buyer of 1st house
  • Single family multifamily investors
  • Mobile Home Investors

Pricing Strategy

The focus of Alphaville is on the medium class market, some case could be the high-end- Luxury market. We buy different quality of houses and vacant lot, as we buy at the list or by the auction, are focus are purchase lower price, most of the time we pay just the amount of tax that the previous owner hasn’t pay to the county, this reason we can be very competitive with end prices below the market price. Our costs are in the range of 10% to the maxim 45% of properties market price.

Profit Margins

The current margins depend on the kind of properties.

-Single family: 80% to 150%

-Vacante lots: 200% to 1.000%

Our profit margins are about 40%.

The Competitors

We have different kind of competitors

  • On the Auction presential Most of the competitors are local residents that want to buy a house per lower price that the properties are listed on the market, normally 60 to 70 5 less than the market price
  • On the Auction online The competitors are the people that belong to the Deed Hunter Community, and they pay between 30 t0 40% of the market price.
  • On the offer by the list of properties that were forfeited (STRUCK OFF lists) The competitors are the people that belong to the Deed hunter Community, they pay the owner tax value, is normally maximum 5 to 10 % of Market price. The largest competitors are the deed Hunter community real estate investors, and the major are beginning competitors and no more than 5% are very professional on this tax sale market. The main competitor invests about $6 million dollars per year and the average of annual revenue is $ 50,000.00. The tax sale is unknowledge per most of American and it is hard to learn to find the list and rules on the county, them the potential entrance is very low

Capital Requirements

We need the capital to purchase properties in the tax sale auctions in different counties in the Arkansas state, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Louisiana, Hawaii, Kansas. Until now $250,000.00 has been invested by the owners. We need at least $2,000.000.00 dollars borrowed to purchase 10 houses and some vacant lots. This will help to purchase more properties and take advantage of the opportunities because at the moment there are many auctions of properties with lower prices.